Music Theory, A basic understanding for guitarists

For so many years now i am still amazed at how many Awesome Gutiar Players dont know anything about music. On so many occasions I have said to fellow axemen “Play the 6th chord” or “You play the 3rd” and im looked at like a freak! I get why they dont, and in many ways that is one of the reasons the guitar is such an awesome instrument to play. The guitar is tuned in 4ths and this basicly means you can learn a shape on the neck ie an “E” chord shape and then using a bar with you first finger, move it anywhere up or down the neck and play any other like shaped chord. It works with every shape chord “A” like double bar chords “A-” chords, what ever. The very cool part is it works with Scales, Riffs, Runs etc. What ever you can play can be moved to a new position and then play it in any key.
Now this is going to be the first of Many Many posts on this topic because it is huge and encompasses so much important information. I have taught this very same information to my all my students, purely because it is so important. I love to see them go from being a Riff playing guitarist playing purely by TAB and ear, to being able to compose, transpose and play what they actually hear in their head. I hope to use this to be able to do the same from you. I would how ever like your feed back on how clear it is to understand this information as I give it. The advantage of teaching one on one is that I can see when the light goes on for my students and move at thier pace. This information is by no way hard and I have taught it to everyone from 8 to 80, but like everything in life there are concepts to grasp and once you get them everything clicks. But sometimes those alone can be tough to get. If you want this information Subscribe so you can get the lessons as I make them. Understand that once you get this your playing and more so your understanding of “How” to play will explode. If your keen to learn how to write and take your playing to a new level subscribe and let me help. This is by no way new information but if its new for you it will blow your playing out to a totally new level.